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What is Penetration Testing?

A penetration test (pen test) is an authorized simulated attack performed on a computer system to evaluate its security. Penetration testers use the same tools, techniques, and processes as attackers to find and demonstrate the business impacts of weaknesses in a system. Penetration tests usually simulate a variety of attacks that could threaten a business.
They can examine whether a system is robust enough to withstand attacks from authenticated and unauthenticated positions, as well as a range of system roles. With the right scope, a pen test can dive into any aspect of a system.
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External Pen Test for Better Security

This type of security assessment simulates remote cyberattacks that aim to access an organization’s internal computer network. Penetration testing identifies exploitable vulnerabilities – such as exposed servers and users – and verify web application firewall protections. The information gained helps improve security policies and patch vulnerabilities.

Boost compliance with specialized expertise

Our seasoned penetration testers emulate cyber attacks, employing industry-standard methodologies to unearth vulnerabilities within your networks. Our approach encompasses comprehensive strategies, from scoping reconnaissance to service identification, vulnerability scanning, and meticulous manual assessments, all tailored to suit your assets and requirements. Specifically for Microsoft Office 365 deployments, our testers scrutinize data security, encryption protocols, and access controls, ensuring robust protection for your network.

What can you gain from External Penetration Testing?

External penetration testing provides a fresh perspective closer to a real-world hacker. Alongside, the following are other advantages of opting for the external pentesting technique. 

  • Enhancement of your security capabilities through penetration testers’ recommended remediations.
  • A clear view of how a malicious attacker might compromise your cyber systems.
  • Understanding an attack’s occurrence allows you to create an incident response plan tailored to specific threats.
  • It acts as a security certificate, making you believe you are getting closer to meeting your company’s compliance and regulatory requirements.

Following are some of the merits of external network penetration testing.

Data Protection
The data breach has been a severe cause of concern for both organizations and users. Functioning like real-world hackers, pentesters simulate cyberattacks closest to the actual scenario. This way, it becomes possible to detect data leakage points, which can then be plugged in to prevent future data attacks.
Security Compliance
The external penetration testing checklist includes visibility, providing insights on security priority, and analyzing security threats. It makes it clear how an attacker can compromise your systemic issues. Also, it provides insight into prioritizing security expenditure based on actual threats.
Compared to internal penetration testing, where you have to maintain a complete tech team of pen testers, outsourcing security analysis to security professionals using a tested methodology can significantly reduce security compliance costs.
Acts as a security shield for your project
Penetration testing safeguards your project against threats, including: DDoS assaults, Insider threats, Cybercrimes, and Individual rogue actors.

Steps to External Penetration Testing Success

First, our security specialists define the scope, type, and timing of the testing.
We utilize tools from diferent Frameworks as well as proprietary tools to gather information about the targets and target company. This information is analyzed and used to determine potential attack vectors.
Next, we utilize industry standard tools such as NMAP, Nessus to scan for and discover active hosts and open ports within the provided scope. The results of these scans will be analyzed by the tester to determine potential attack vectors.
Based on the analysis of the information gathering and vulnerability detection phases, our team will attempt to exploit vulnerable systems. If the exploitation attempt is successful, we will attempt to pivot into other systems and determine the extent of systems and data which could be compromised due to this vulnerability.
 After performing a thorough review of the organization’s environment to identify risks to the business, our experts produce a detailed report, consisting of all findings along with recommended, prioritized countermeasures to ensure security best practices are successfully incorporated.
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